Wow! What an exciting month! This July has been a great one for me. First, it’s vacation time, so I’ve had lots of time to write for long stretches of time and still catch up on all those little things that pile up around the house during the school year. Second, I’ve been having a blast meeting the public at the California State Fair. This is my first time there, and it’s heartening to see how many readers are out there.

By the way, today’s my last day: 12-8 p.m., building A. If you happen to be in the Sacramento area, please come and visit! There are books for every taste, and lots of wonderful authors to meet.

My only regret about the booth–and it’s a big one–is when a visitor chatting with me at the Authors Booth said if he wrote a book about his life, no one would believe it…I failed to ask him “why.” I think I had some idea about respecting his privacy, and that if he wanted to tell me, he would. Ever since, I’ve been wondering,  was he a member of the mob? Kidnapped by Central American terrorists? The first to climb Mount Everest with one hand tied behind his back? Marilyn Monroe’s love child?

On top of all that, I have some VERY EXCITING NEWS which I will announce next week. All it can tell you right now is that it is a dream come true, one I have waited for for many years. I am so very happy and excited! 🙂