Full confession: I’m not very good at keeping a secret, so some of my closest friends already know this, but here goes: I have signed a contract and am officially working with Cedar Fort Publications. When I got the call from Cedar Fort’s wonderful acquisitions editor, I had an out-of-body experience while desperately trying to sound calm and professional and as if I wasn’t about to faint.

As an independently published author, over the past few years I had pretty much figured I would continue self-publishing my own books, following the example of some of my favorite authors who have left traditional publishing to do so. But I will not lie. It has always been my dream to be picked up by a “real” publishing company.

As they say, making the cut definitely gives a sense of validation. My husband humorously referenced Sally Fields accepting her Oscar after he heard the news: “They like you! They really like you!”

A huge thank you to those readers who have left reviews on Goodreads and Amazon Books. I am positive your support helped make this dream come true. And another huge thank you and big hugs to my amazing critique group partners and beta readers, for your invaluable feedback and encouragement. I love you guys!

The only down side is that I have taken my books off Amazon pending their re-release by Cedar Fort. The first book or two should be available this spring. Please keep posted for updates on this exciting journey, including the cover reveals, sample chapters, and snippets about the characters and conflicts, hopefully whetting your appetite.

Now excuse me while I go dance around the kitchen again.