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As any author will tell you, the hardest part of writing is marketing. I’m a writer. That means I like to hole up by myself and dream up stories and characters. For an introvert to have to put herself out there, blow her horn, tell people, “READ ME!!!” is counter to everything that I am comfortable with.

For that reason, I am grateful to the owner of Face in a Book, a delightful independent bookstore in the heart of El Dorado Hills, for inviting me to be part of a Valentine’s book signing 6:30-9 p.m. Friday, February 8. Thanks to her, all I have to do is show up—no planning, no stress over venue or refreshments, or whether anyone will come…nope, all that is on the bookstore’s shoulders! (Deep sigh of relief).

If you are in the area, please mark this on your calendar! I will be signing two of my books that fit the Valentine’s them. Although adventure, mystery, and suspense keep the pages turning, both stories, at the core, are about two characters falling in love.

Chance’s Bluff is set in the American West shortly after the Civil War, with characters whose lives take sharply different turns than they expected. Can they find a happily-ever-after ending together?

A Place Called New Hope is a unique Victorian romantic suspense. An heiress engages in a marriage of convenience so she can build a Utopian society based on such experiments as Brook Farm. However, as she and her husband confront an unknown enemy seeking to destroy their dreams, they must work together to survive, perhaps finding true love along the way.

Hope to see you there, and bring your friends!