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It’s been fun to see kids in my neighborhood so excited to plunge into summer vacation

scenic view of beach

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

now that school’s out. I’m sure there were moments of sadness as they signed each other’s yearbooks and promised to stay in touch, but I doubt a single one wanted to linger a moment past that final bell.

Adults with year-round jobs don’t have quite that prospect of freedom, but even so, I still experience that surge of joy when summer officially arrives. There’s so much I look forward to this year: kayaking on Lake Natoma, planning a dream vacation to Japan, and finding a bit of shade to catch up with my books-to-read pile. Then there’s concerts in the park, ice cream, watermelon, family reunions, and fireworks on Independence Day. Bliss!

For the next few days I’m going to draw a deep breath or two and enjoy the advent of summer. Eventually I’ll make a list of all those things I didn’t get around to during the busy winter months, and maybe, during those long, blissful summer days, I’ll actually get around to doing them. Maybe. But I wouldn’t count on it. 🙂