Yesterday I had the privilege of meeting some bright young writers at Marble Valley Academy in El Dorado Hills. At this private school, students are encouraged to create their own hard-bound books of poetry each year, documenting their growing writing skills while building up a library of their own writing that they and their families will always treasure. It was impressive to see not only the literary skills and insights of these young people’s poetry, but the care and artistry they put into decorating their covers, some of which were absolutely beautiful.

As I told these young writers about my own journey to becoming a published writer, it occurred to me how much influence my own teachers had, passing on their love of literature and introducing me to writing techniques that I still use today. It was heartwarming to see this process continues.

This past week was Teacher Appreciation week. To all of you teachers out there I extend a heart-felt thanks for what you do, and how you influence new generations.mvs-0043_1_orig