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What an incredible year. As always, there have been ups and downs, but I have to say, in many ways this has been one of my best years ever. This Thanksgiving has been a great way to think over my blessings, which I won’t list here, but trust me, it is a long list.

Does that mean there have been no hardships? No. But if there is one thing I like about growing older, it’s that it brings perspective. Once, when things were going badly, I felt that they would always continue that way. Now I see life more as a succession of rolling hills. Things go up, and they go down. And then they go up again. And then they go down again. The Romans had a saying for this: “This too shall pass.” Whether joy or sorrow, eventually it will pass.

Perspective is maybe the greatest blessing of all. It helps me appreciate the things that are important–health, family, love–and pay less attention to the things that aren’t–cobwebs, a cluttered garage, a car that needs to be smogged.

I hope that you and your loved ones enjoyed Thanksgiving, that happiness comes your way, and that you have a wonderful upcoming holiday season. And never forget the things that are truly important.