With the temperature at 109 degrees, it’s hard to believe that it’s nearing the end of summer. However, the beginning of school and appearance of Halloween paraphernalia in the stores say otherwise. At least my summer vacation ended with a bang: a wonderful trip to Oregon and the eclipse!

Well…actually, we returned from Oregon a few days BEFORE the eclipse. But we saw plenty of preparations while we were there, including lots of stores stocking those special sunglasses everyone was talking about. My husband and I missed all the traffic, and got to enjoy the gorgeous Oregon coastline virtually by ourselves, and still got to view the partial eclipse from home.

We kicked off our road trip by viewing a fabulous staging of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar at the famous festival in Ashland, a production which showed just how timeless that classic is, and how endlessly creative talented theater folk are. It has been a couple of decades since I’d been to Ashland, which happens to be one of a handful of charming small towns that inspired the village of “River’s Bend” in my first novel, “The Jewelry Case,” and part of the plot as well. If you read it, you’ll know what I’m referring to! 🙂

We were hoping for cool weather as we wound our way up toward Washington and the Olympic peninsula but unfortunately, the heat wave followed us. Counter to my expectations, we encountered exactly zero rain. Still, it was refreshing to see all those green trees and the unbelievable ocean views as we drove up from Coos Bay to Astoria … and then, crossing into Washington, the beautiful scenery continuing all the way to Gig Harbor, Port Angeles, and Bellingham.

Here’s a few photos of our trip.


I hiked down to this waterfall near the adorable town of Sliverton. You can walk behind it, too. This might make a good setting for a chase scene in one of my future books.

Ashland, OR

Me in front of the theater where we saw Julius Caesar. If you haven’t been to Ashland yet, you should definitely put it on your bucket list. Unforgettable experience.


I hope your summer was equally memorable!