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I just switched to WordPress from Blogspot, so please forgive me while I go through the learning curve.  It seems appropriate to make the change in July, a month where Americans celebrate change — the change from old ways to new, as exemplified in the Declaration of Independence.

My first book, The Gardener, is set soon after that world-changing document was signed. In it, a young English gardener is forced to leave his homeland and make his home in the newly formed United States of America. Quite unintentionally, it seems that most of my stories have similar patriotic themes, as well as the struggle between the yearning for independence and the longing to belong and be safe.

Although I write mostly historicals, I believe those themes are true today, as we continue to debate how much freedom we are willing to trade for security.John-Trumbulls-painting-Declaration-of-Independence-depicting-the-five-man-drafting-committee-of-the-Declaration-of-Independence-presenting-their-work-to-the-Congress-1819